Hall of Fame

By The Washington County Museum Board

(Inducted into the "Hall of Fame" in ceremonies at the Washington County Courthouse on April 11, 2003. 

Ceremonies presided over by Mr. Wayne Blackwell, Chairman of County Museum Committee & Probate Judge, John H. Armstrong).

Note:  The information located in this file is introductory about each of the 2003 Inductees and does not
include all accomplishments in each person's life.  (For complete information on each recipient contact a member of the Washington County Museum Board,  Ms. Barbara Waddell of Chatom or visit the Courthouse Main Hallway where each inductee has a picture on the "Wall of Fame").

2002 Initial Inductees into the Washington County Hall of Fame included:  Sid & Vivian Beech of Chatom, former County Commissioners S. Ray Coaker of   Fruitdale  & Nathan A. Jordan of Copeland,  George W Holcombe of Chatom, Priscilla M. Lewis of McIntosh, former Superintendent of Education Theodore B. Pearson of Leroy, former Probate Judge Tom W. Turner, Sr., Bennett W. Weaver of McIntosh, former principal Hilliard H. Wiggins, Sr., of McIntosh, Edith Jordan Wilcox of Chatom, Leroy J. Williams, Sr. of Saint Stephens, and retired National Guard General Teddy E. Williams of Chatom.

All these persons' portraits as well as written biographies are located on the " Wall of Fame," located in the courthouse main floor in Chatom.  Efforts on the County Website are to include all the current inductees into the County Hall of Fame.

Mayor of McIntosh

Carrol Daugherty was born and raised in McIntosh, Alabama. 

He has been able to help and assist many Washington County people to find good employment through his affiliation with Mobile-area unions and also the plants in McIntosh by virtue of being McIntosh's only Mayor since incorporation.

Mayor Daugherty is currently the owner of CMS Construction Company in Saraland: he helped organize McIntosh Christian Academy, a founder and board member of Southwest Bank, formerly known as Washington County State Bank; a former Board Member of Friends of Searcy Hospital in Mt. Vernon; Board Member of North Mobile Community Hospital in Satsuma; Charter Board Member of Southwest Alabama Health Services in McIntosh and a Charter Member and one of the organizers of McIntosh Betterment Association.

He helped organize Community Action Panels in McIntosh for Olin and Ciba, a member of the Washington County Local Emergency Planning Council; a staunch supporter of McIntosh Rescue Squad; and he helped establish the McIntosh Public Library Branch of Washington County Library with the help of his wife, Melva Jean and the area industries.  Carrol Daugherty helped set up the McIntosh Volunteer Fire Department, is a former Board Member of the Alabama Sheriffs' Boys Ranch and was appointed by Gov. George C. Wallace to serve on the Board of Directors of the Ala.

Department of Labor Management Committee.  He also was the Business Representative of Millwright Local 2734 for 32 years, Secretary for the Carpenters, Millwright and Pile Drivers Mobile District Council for 29 years, and President of the Alabama State Council of Carpenters for 18 years.

"Cal" Daugherty, as he is pleasantly known, is well known for his integrity, loyalty, honesty, straight forwardness and candor.  And he has been Mayor in McIntosh for all its several years of incorporation.

Millry, Alabama

W. E. Hill, Sr., of Millry, established a legacy in Washington County working hard to be a success in the saw-milling arena, and provided jobs for 50 or more patrons in his home Millry area during the middle 20th Century (1940-1960).  He operated the "W. E. Hill Lumber Company" for more than 30 years.  His first business in Millry was Hill Motor Company.

He was a member of the Millry Methodist Church and a tremendous force behind his brother-in-law, John G. Kimbrough, becoming Probate Judge of Washington County in the 1950's.  He was involved in the political happenings all across the county.  Mr. Hill helped in the incorporation of his hometown, Millry where he also served on the Town Council.  He was a member of the Washington County Board of Education at one time.

W. E. Hill, Sr., raised cattle, loved hunting and the outdoors, and was a true leader during the era he lived!  His best legacy left is the fine family he left behind,  His wife was the former Louise McCarty (deceased also). and together they raised five children, three of whom continue to reside in the Millry area.

Chatom, Alabama

Grady W. Hurst, Sr., and wife, Minnie, were prominent and prosperous citizens of Chatom.  Mr. Hurst graduated from the Mt. Sterling Academy in 1907 and Mrs. Hurst graduated from the Healing Springs Academy in 1914.  Mr. Hurst went to a Business College in Mobile and studied under Dr. Robert Littlepage of Mt. Sterling, Alabama, in medicine, and he also studied the Morse Code to qualify as a telegraph operator.  Mrs. Hurst studied stenography and secretarial skills under Mrs. Minnie Wood, wife of Dr. J. E. Wood.

     Mr. Hurst worked for the A. T. & N. Railroad in Emelle, Alabama, as a Railroad Agent & Telegraph Operator and for the same railroad in Chatom as a Station Agent & Telegraph Operator.  He established the Chatom Mercantile Company in 1917 and operated it until 1975.  Mr. Hurst ran this business through the "Great Depression" years and the World War II period.  He helped a lot of area families during these "hard" years by extending them credit for periods of time.

Minnie Hurst was the Secretary to Jim Granade, first President of Chatom State Bank (First Community Bank today), and she owned and operated the first floral business in Washington County, The Chatom Floral Company from 1952 until 1960.  Both were members of Chatom Baptist Church, and he was Mayor of the Town of Chatom when it incorporated in 1949.

Grady Hurst, Sr., was a Mason in the Chatom Chapter and a 50-year active Shriner.  Minnie Hurst was also a 50-year member of the Order of Eastern Star and served as a Red Cross Volunteer during World War II.  She was also a member of the Washington County Home Demonstration Club.